stix.coa Module


class stix.coa.CourseOfAction(id_=None, idref=None, timestamp=None, title=None, description=None, short_description=None)

Bases: stix.base.BaseCoreComponent

Implementation of the STIX Course of Action.

  • id (optional) – An identifier. If None, a value will be generated via mixbox.idgen.create_id(). If set, this will unset the idref property.
  • idref (optional) – An identifier reference. If set this will unset the id_ property.
  • timestamp (optional) – A timestamp value. Can be an instance of datetime.datetime or str.
  • description – A description of the purpose or intent of this object.
  • short_description – A short description of the intent or purpose of this object.
  • title – The title of this object.
class stix.coa.RelatedCOAs(scope=None, *args)

Bases: stix.common.related.GenericRelationshipList